Nov 25, 2015

First Anniversary as an Agricultural Officer.

Alhamdulillah alhamdulillah. 

I remembered when I was 10 years old, papa asked us to put our ambition on the  pc desktop. Mine was Surgeon. Heart Surgeon to be exact. 15 years later, here I am, 'playing' with paddy and its pests and diseases. This might continue up to another 35 years. Fuuuuuh~ get ready Ernnie. 

On the interview day to get this job, I was late! It's due to an unforgettable incident whereby I forgot to bring all my documents to the interview session. Bayangkan, lagi 3 minit nak sampai MADA and suddenly mama tanya : 

M : eh adik, hang takkan pi tak bawak dokumen apa-apa. 

Me : mesti la kena bawak. (Busy clipping my nails). 

- Long pause -

Me : Ma, Pa, jangan marah adik langsung . Boleh tak patah balik rumah sebab satu file pun adik tak bawak. 

I know that my father was very very mad but he's being so calm as he doesn't want to pressure me. Patah la balik. Mind you, it took about 25-30 minutes from my house to MADA. Sampai dekat bilik menunggu, Kakak kerani (Kak Rina) tanya, bawak surat beranak? I'm like no wayyyy I'm bringing my birth certificate. No. Thank God I remembered my no surat beranak and she said its okay not to have it since I remember it. 

And that was 356 days before. Sekarang dah selamat jadi pegawai pertanian dah. 

QnA sessions

1. How do you find your job now? Suka? Benci? Menyampah? 
- for me it can be a mixture of those. One day I'm telling myself how cool it is to be an AO, another day it's like, cepatlah bila nak pencen ni. Hahaha. However, the experience that I've gained in this very short time is like so many. U guys might just want to check my IG and see it for yourself. In the end, me myself yang kena  put some passion in my working life. 

2. What are the things that you hated the most within this 1 year? 
- When I cannot find a tune for my work-life balance. I have a family. By saying that it means I'm staying with my parents (not yet married okay). Sometimes they do get a bit annoying when I came back late. Maghrib baru sampai rumah. I did that in my first 2-3 month, tapi sekarang I'm trying to go back before or at 5:30 pm. Bayangkan, kadang sampai rumah pukul 7. My parents would be at surau at that time. When they get back, Ernnie dah pun tido. Time jumpa adalah waktu pagi between 6:30-7:30. Sejam jumpa sedangkan tinggal dengan family. Imagine that. ^^ 
- ada lagi tapi tu semua faktor orang lain dan bukan diri sendiri. Malas nak cerita kat sini. 

3. Do you see yourself still being an AO in   20 years time perhaps? 
No. Hahaha. Bukan taknak jadi AO tapi for  this question Ernnie tak nampak. I'm not a person who is always predicting my future. Kadang go with the flow je. Who knows another 15 years I might be the specialist in interior design kan? Haha. Random.

4. What motivates you in becoming a good Agricultural Officer? 
- Helping people. That is the main goal in my life-mantra. There are a lot of hikmah of why I cannot fulfill my chilhood ambition. However, Allah granted my biggest wish i.e to help people. I'm so grateful getting this job since it's like a straightforward pathway for me to help people (farmers). You're dealing with those complaints, anger, unresolved issues etc. On one day I might coming back with a tears, another day I'm coming back with that satisfied smile on my face :). 

5. Something that you want to improve? 
- Absolutely! My knowledge in agriculture.  I'm not an agricultural student back in uni. Thus there are heaps of agriculture 'jargon' that I'm not yet familiar with. Alhamdulillah my bosses and staff are always helping me in various ways. I do need time to getting everything in hand. I would say I'm still a toddler in this arena. Hopefully, with all the supports and encouragements that I've received, it will push me to become a better human being InsyaAllah. 

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