May 16, 2015

Ernnie in KL (i)

It's been a while since I hit Kuala Lumpur. This time I got and invitation to be in Kuala Lumpur / Putrajaya for the Biosecurity Symposium that was held in Ministry of Agriculture for 3 days straight. It's correlate with my job scope as a Crop Protection Agricultural Officer in MADA. I've gained a lot of information and new stuff as well as meeting people there. I need to thank my boss for giving me this opportunity. Thanks Boss! :)  

And now for my non-work-related in Kuala Lumpur. Actually I'm sort of killing 2 birds with one stone. Most of my friends are in KL. Thus I cannot let the opportunity went just like that. Meet-ups need to be done!

Alhamdulillah. My cousins (Cik Jan and Kak Noni were very helpful in terms of providing me a place to sleep up to lend me their car). May Allah bless them and their family.

Morning :

1. Went to Khalifah Model School to see my vitamins. My vitamins consist of students and staff at KMS. I'm so so attached to them. Bear with me guys. U're gonna see this face for I-don't-know-how-many-times more. :) unfortunately half of students were at UIA for their Ibadah Camp. Thus, to UIA it is ^^.


2. UIA. Those year 4,5,6 are quite close with me. I got the opportunity to teach all of them Alhamdulillah :)) I'm so happy I can't tell! When they saw me and our eyes met. (Chewah). Whatever problems that u have with you, it's just disappeared like that. Puff! I repeat : They are my vitamins ^^.


My lunch plan with my junior ; Iman got cancelled due to me stuck in UIA after Friday Prayer. ( Iman was my coffee buddy back in UQ. I love her with my heart. I knew that she love me too! Teehee~) . So with that, I sent my car to my cousin and straight away went to Nü Central to see Nadzirah.

She needs no introduction. If you'd checked my insta and fb, you know her place in my heart. 💕 . She's putting her mantra to my food every time we met. That's why I'm sooooo overly attached to her. Went to Zenmai Sushi (fyi I'm a sushi lover. Wanting to see me become an elephant? Bring me to any sushi restaurant)

Good news. Iman told me that she will be joining me. Together with Maisarah. (Mai is my junior as well. Studied in Sydney. I get to know her from Iman.) Ya Allah. I'm so grateful to you. Limited time yet You met me with my kesayangan(s). Thus 4 of us at Zenmai Sushi. :) Iman, learn to use chopstick coz maybe Sushi's gonna be ur best buddy. Aite?

6:30 rode the ERL. Arrived at KLIA at 7. Flight delayed from 8 pm to 9 PM. And now here I am inside the flight at 10:14 PM waiting to get out from the plane. Finally arrived :) Alhamdulillah

(Write this in 40 minutes duration).

Met my UQ Junior, Ain. We are currently working in the same Ministry. Ain di Putrajaya while I'm at Kedah.

My childhood friend, Syahirah. :)

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