Apr 24, 2014

KMS Sports Day Rehearsal at IKBN Hulu Langat.

What a day.

Semalam berlangsungnya Raptai untuk Sports Day Khalifah School di IKBN Dusun Tua Hulu Langat, Selangor. 

Obviously the students were all so excited, including Ernnie, guru yang tak sedar diri dah tua. :) 

A bit nervous since Ernnie is going to be the emcee for that event. Together with Mashitah, a teacher from KMS Secondary. 

We started with the marching from each Sport House. They were all so cute, subhanallah. Both KMS and KMSS students need to do a 3-5 minutes performance in fromt of the spectators. Ernnie was impressed to see all of them. With limited time given, they managed to pull off very good performances. 

Since Ernnie is in a Blue House Team, Ernnie wants to congratulate them. Hopefully they can perform and using the same energy like yesterday. :) go Blue Team. Blue Team is awesome!! 

Hopefully on that day (Saturday), the event will run smoothly. The weather is on our side. Not so hot and not rain. May Allah ease everything. 



My Blue Team students. Love them to bits.


Good thing about students here is if they are not that fast in running, they came to me and ask for forgiveness because they can't make it. MashaAllah. Thus I need to explain to them that Allah do not look at the final result. If you try your best but still didn't win, it's okay. :') 

Apr 10, 2014

Puasa Sunat Khamis.

Today, KMS students are encouraged to perform fasting since it's Thursday. So students, especially those who are in lower primary came to their teachers (early in the morning) and asked : Teacher puasa tak? 

If the teacher said NO, they would all like whattt?? Teacher tak puasaaaa!!!. 😱😱😱😱

By the way, for those who fast, they got a tag saying "O Allah, please help me control my self today since I'm fasting". MashaAllah. What a beautiful words, Thanks to Teacher Ameerah :) 

Another Page, 

These are all abam-abam derjah 6 yang dapat Junior Blackbelt Taekwondo under 17. Teacher tumpang bangga. #takmaucarigaduhdgnteacher #pleasebemybodyguards

Apr 7, 2014

Random stuffs that makes me cry in happiness.

This morning, I saw my year 1 student, Aimar was holding tightly a piece of paper with him. That's normal actually to see students with paper on their hands. But at brunch time, Aimar came to me and handed me those paper. 

Aimar : For you Teacher Ernnie. 
Me : what is this Aimar? (Hasn't open yet). 
Aimar : You have to read it. I wrote it for you. 

I opened. This is what the letter looked like. 

Can you spot the love sign at the end of the letter? How sweet was that? From a Year 1 student who wrote something to me like this, it's a big thing. Yup, BIG THING. Thanks Aimar. Actually from time to time, I think my blog is a great place for me to post anything that has been given by my students. 

" Dear students, thank you for accepting me as one of your teacher in khalifah School. I'm all over the moon right now. InsyaAllah, I'm going to do my best in teaching you all with the help from Allah. Allah is the caretaker of all the knowledge in this dunya. Hopefully all of you can be a great Khalifah in the future. Tell your parents that Teacher Ernnie is so proud of my students in KMS. May Allah bless me as a teacher and bless you as a student" 


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