Jun 23, 2009

H.A.P.P.Y. A.N.D. T.O.O. H.A.P.P.Y.

Finally, the exam was over.....
and I`m home!!!!...
although I dont have any friends here..(NONE)
but, all the korean stuff will accompany me through out the month... hak3...

yesterday I was soooooooooo surprised when I saw the CD that my sis bought in Korea
was in my laptop bag!!! OMG..

skypE'ing' my sis just now..

me : Thank u kak...
sis : maleh je nak ckp kat hang yg akk mmg kasi kat Dr. Bsha tuh.. satgi hang x fcus in study..
me: nanti nak suro bli lagi tau..
sis : Ish2, hang nih truk sgt la obsessed ngn korea tuh, da la blaja pn ntah ke mane..

-silence~~ she was rite... I`m into korean too much-
and rite now i have 3 cd, 1 DVD...
and waiting for other 2 to be arrive soon.. hahaha

yesterday oso went to One Utama wif my friends...
me, adeline, tse chen, christine, mark, lokmun, aaron, jing hooi, saachi n alice...
watching 17 again... super duper damn **** funny...
my stomach wanna burst d... tired..
sorry people inside the cinema...
i`m too loud. hak3...


Jun 6, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME, Park Yoochun and Hyun Joong

사랑하는 To 3 of US.


I'm so happy because I`m sharing the same birthday date with Park Yoochun JYJ ( different year of course)

That day, I watched  Super Junior's Sorry2 MV in a big screen in one of the korean restaurant nearby.
* highest satifaction* although i already watched it for hundred of times.
sort of the biggest present for me on that day.
and I want to thank every single person who sent their birthday wishes to me.

Much appreciated!

special thanks to :
Maisarah - Chicken Rice treat!
Atiqah ZA - Pizza
Mazni Omar - very delicious cake.
Aziemah, Hasanah and Zaira -- Rojan and Cendol
( seems like I got all Food from my friend right :) hahaha
Thanks guys.

Now, I`m already 19.

 I don't think I would change much.
still the same Ernnie but a little bit of fat here n there.



to Hyunjoong n Yoochun Oppas!
Happy 24th Birthday.
please come to Malaysia.
to see me. ( again, crazy Ernnie)
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