Nov 1, 2015

9 by Design by The Novogratz


This one might be a bit random. But have you guys watch the 9 by design show on the Li channel in Astro? I'm a big fan of that. Basically I'm a fan of those interior design shows. Macam best je. Nowadays, that 728 channel is like my best friend. Korean drama pun kalah. 

There's one random day that I've asked my sister for her opinion of me randomly wanting to do another degree in interior designer. Her answer was super super long but her point was like "don't waste your time doing it" kinda. Hahahaha. 

Okay back to The Novogratz's family. I'm so impressed with the parents (Courtney and Robert) basically on how awesome there are in raising 7 kids and at the same time doing what they like which is designing. 7 kids is something unusual in the west family I guess, but they managed to pull it. With a lot of yelling, shoutings, and disciplines of course. 

And to my surprise, the show that is on the television was actually the 2009 show. So it was like 6 years ago and I wonder how they look like (their child). 
Amagad, they are looking good. By saying that I mean all of them. ALL. 

1. Wolfgang Novogratz

2. Bellamy Novogratz

3. Tallulah Novogratz

4. Breaker Novogratz

5. Five Novogratz

6. Holleder Novogratz

7. Major Novogratz

Noleh check Family dia punya website
atau search dekat IG the_novogratz

Basically nak pin point dekat yang sulung tu je. Memang muka model kau!

Bellamy and Talullah are twins. So do Five and Holly. Ade 2 set twins in this family :)
Breaker and Bellamy

Wolfie and Tallulah

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