Jul 31, 2014

How was your twentyfourteen Raya :) ??


based on Vivyyusuf's entry the other day : In Three Words

Mine was awesome!. 
To the extend that I did not even snapped any pictures of relatives coming to our house. 
It was super busy. That busy. 

But I'm having fun in a moderate ways. 
Dari pagi lepas solat Raya straight away dekat dapur tolong apa yang patut since relatives dah datang dari pagi. My mama did her super good delicious Bihun Sup. Habis satu periuk besar. 

Satu je kurang. My brother, he is celebrating his Raya at his In Laws' at Johor. Insyallah esok baru balik (Jumaat). Thus. I'm missing my cheeky niece, Ain Nafisah. 

This year also marked my first time giving out duit raya to everyone. Whoaaa! that is BIG to Ernnie okay since she's always on the side of receiving. First time giving duit Raya to my nieces, nephews, my sister and my parents.

So dapat la comment macam ni. "Ala, Maklang bagi banyak ni je? Maklong Emmy kasi banyak".
Anyonyo, Maklang baru this year kerja la. Now I understand how does my relatives feel when people are saying, ala, banyak ni je. muahaha.

I'll try my best next year, InsyaAllah. 
So Ernnie dah tak boleh join the [ I want duit raya too] group la kan? Sobs. 
On the first day lagi, duit raya dah habis kasi. Ernnie packed banyak la jugak. Yep, I got hundred-almost-two-hundreds-nephews-nieces. No kidding.
First time ni memang kene snap gambar sikit. :)

Mama, Papa, BIL and my sister. Snap gambar dalam rumah is too mainstream I guessed :)

Me and Mama. 

Papa pakai baju melayu pagi je. then cabut semua habis. He's comfortable with tshirt and kain pelikat. :)

Poyo ngat.

Eid Mubarak everyone.

Snap gambar in front of our family's hut. Tapi macam tak hut sangat dah. Sebab semua malas nak masuk and kemas.

Me and my sister, Elin

This was on the second day. Atiqah and husband, Zarul came to my house. Thanks guys!

Second day raya baru sempat nak keluar pi beraya rumah sedara. Tu pun keluar dah petang. Went to my Pak Su's house and my cousins house. Alhamdullillah, my tummy was satisfied with those soto, bihun sup. lemang, serunding, ketupat pulut, kueh ( Ernnie loves to spell kuih as kueh) raya.  :)

When it comes to taking pictures, we are best siblings cum besties. Time lain faham-faham sendiri

with Farah, my niece.

Behind the scene: "Oiii anak dara 3 orang, sudah-sudah la ambil gambar.".

Jawab 2 perkataan je. "Jealous lettew".

Tapi kalau yang tanya tu parents, akan ade possibility kita balik rumah jalan kaki. :))

Memang sepupu pasang cermin untuk snap gambar. Memang :)) 

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri buat semua yang mengenali. 
Mohon maaf zahir dan batin. 
Semoga amalan kita untuk Ramadhan diterima Allah regardless sikit mana pun. 
Untuk yang memandu ke open houses, balik rumah, pergi rumah saudara, drive safely.
 Pakai tali pinggang keledar please.

Jul 24, 2014

Thirty seventh and more, InsyaAllah :)

Happy 37th Anniversary to Mama and Papa (23 July 77'-2014). Thank you for showing me how a married couple should be. At this age, ma and pa still looking cute together ^^.  

May the coming years bring joy and happiness to both of you and our family.I wish that you remain happy and healthy in Allah's shade :) love you both.

Jul 19, 2014

Ramadhan : Mufti Menk

This week so far. 

Ramadhan Mubarak to all. How was your Ramadhan get going? Mine was like so-so. Today is already 18 Ramadhan. Another 11 days to go. 

Good thing this year is My school principle created this One Day One Juzu' whatapps group. InsyaAllah we are aiming to khatam Quran by the end of this Ramadhan. Hopefully I manage to accomplish that. And hopefully the momentum will drive me to continue this good deed every single day. 

Last Sunday, Ernnie went to Masjid Besi at Putrajaya together with my nieces to listen to Mufti Menk's talk. I've been praying to Allah I can meet Mufti Menk life at least once. Alhamdulillah. Mufti Menk talks about Prophet Muhammad's companions which are Zaid bin Harithah and Ammar bin Yassir.  

Today, having iftar with my bestfriend, Nad. Too many to tell! But we most talk about the Israel-Palestine war and the champion of the World Cup 2014 Germany. ( since we both are the die harf fans of Germany). 


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