Dec 22, 2015

Happy 58th Birthday Mama!

Thank you Allah for both of them. 
Thank you Allah for all the blessings. 
Allah meminjamkan Ernnie dengan harta yang hebat pernah Ernnie miliki. 
Semoga sentiasa panjang umur, murah rezeki dan memperoleh kebahagiaan dunia akhirat. 
I hereby announce that the Sabar award goes to you my Mama. 
Always you. 
Happy Birthday Mama. Sweet sour salty 58th

Our hero, Adam Haziq Mohd Fahmy

My Strength

So on birthday Mama that night, we decided to have dinner to celebrate her awesome day at Johnny's. 

Our family fav restaurant after Sue Manja. 

Too bad my kakak and abang ipar cannot join since they are at Selangor. It would be much better if my whole family can join that kan. Barulah best. 

No cake whatsoever. Just makan-makan then balik. Another quality time with my fam I would say. I guess Mama was so happy. Boleh celebrate birthday dengan anak,menantu and her grandchildren.

Family is my uppermost important thing in my life. Kadang2 Ernnie selalu jugak akan ke KL for my family's gath. Parents pun akan ke sana jugak. Thus, I'm a bit disappointed at times where I need to go for work-related on weekdays. Yang paling geram bila time free tak pulak ada apa2. Then time ada family gath, time tu la kene attend something. 

This might sound a complaint and I have to agree. However, this is my only platform for others to read about me. Might as well tulis perkara yang kita tak suka kan? 
Nanti ada pulak yg cakap, ala kiteorg pun lene kerja time weekdays, tak complain pun. 

Ans : That's you but not me. 
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