Oct 29, 2014

'The Kindest teacher'

Last week was a Khalifah Week at our school. As the name reflects, the kids (read : students) were reminded again on the characteristics of being a khalifah of Allah. Various activities were conducted such as talks, 'gotong royong' at the school's area, writing cards, good deeds and etc. 

I'm not at the school on Monday as I were  accompanying students Year 6 to University Kebangsaan Malaya, UKM. On that day, students voted out the teachers that they think have the qualification to become 'The Most Helpful' and 'The Most Kindest' Teacher. 4 teachers were voted. Teacher Intan and Teacher Fadilah were voted as The Most Helpful Teacher. Yeayyyy :) they deserved that of course!. For the Most Kindest Teacher, the award goes to Ustaz Syafiq and Me. 

Muahahaha! Speechless. I'm not that kind, kids. Told some of the teachers about I'm-not-that-kind-u-know. This was the reply : "Kids-do-not-lie-you-know". Okay fine. Last but not least the award for The Most Kindest Teacher voted by the teachers : goes to Teacher Huda Hayati. 

May Allah put some kindness to us. May we kind towards other regardless to human or to animal. :)  

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