Nov 25, 2007

Talent time - November 24, 2007

Sad to say,
I didn’t took a picture at all. Huhu.

takpelah nanti boleh ambil dari kawan Ernnie.

There it goes.

J1 --- drama ( the tyres was very creative ) + Boria
J2 --- Umbrella show + poem
J3 --- Choral speaking + Poco-poco dance
J4 --- Musical dance + Pantomime ( they`re the winners )
J5 --- Drama yg ntah pape je ^^ + Ultraman Dance + choir bout Alcohol.
J6 --- Dikir barat + choral speaking ( nice one)
J7 --- singing I think…+ drama bout cicak girl and cicak man.
J8 --- singing also + drama about the gamblers.

We have a lot of fun that day.
Rasenye budak-budak SAM ni sangatlah creative seyh. ^^

Forensic workshop and A Class Party

The Workshop started at 9.30.
At first I felt a bit boring.
But after we started the experiments, AWESOME.
There were new things that I got to know which were micro tubes, agro gel, pipette, pipette tips so on and so forth (actually I forgot what was the others). 

I remembered what Wiwin said to me…. ( Susah gile nak cari pembunuh ni, Macam manalah kalau pembunuh ni rape 5 orang sekali ?).
Workshop ended at 2 pm and after that we went to see Mrs.Khaw because she wanted to give some briefing for  next year study plan.
Kinda scared after she said again about our aims which is to get 85 and above for our TER.


Argh. Never mind, forget about it for this holiday.

Puting someting and while Wiwin holding the microtube.

Saling cucuk mencucuk.

the bad side of ain...

At 4.30 pm, we took a bus to Sunway Pyramid.
At 1st, they would want to see a movie but we were very hungry and decided to go to KFC.
Then, Ms. Khaw arrived and she suggested us to play bowling… ( she was so eagered to play actually).

That was my first time playing bowling. Managed to get 4th place out of 8. Not bad ey?
We went back at 9.30pm. 

Ni semua Ain yang makan bukan saya.

Our mentor cum class teacher.  ( what u guys doin at the back??)

another bad side of Ain. LOL

Nov 22, 2007

Activity's Day for all SAM students July intake.

I`m very annoyed because the event was like a discrimination for us...

BTW, I'm having a very fantastic + hectic+  havoc day with my classmate....
and we managed to built a balloon tower although it was not that high .this is our balloon tower.....

wait for the experimental egg to drop...

J1 tower...
at last their balloon tower all burst up.

Nov 19, 2007


Oh My God!
I already know most of my marks (actually 2 only..) 
And both of them aare worst. I'm going to blame myself since it was my fault not to study that hard. That’s why…
Other thing that was in my mind is about my Simcard.

Friday = did my Sim card..
Saturday = it's gone again…
So funny,
Or maybe God don’t want me to use that number again

Conclusion 4 today,
Ernnie is a very careless + forgetful + slovenly person.

Trip to Chemistry and Forensic Department, PJ

atiqah*jue*syikin*miss isabel*me*mai...

REDdish society....[hani][me!!][syikin][mazni]....

My beloved classmate. [ without me as I'm the one who took the picture.]

It was a very nice+ informative trip for me as I get to know tip-to-toe about the criminal procedure + how to process the evidence in the crime scene and many other things… 
There were a lot of departments, such as narcotic, toxicology, n so on…
I’ve taken some picture but not many.  kind of sad because I’m not in this class picture.
N after that me ann Atiqah went to KLCC. 

Suddenly I met someone on the way to KLCC.
Better still I don't talk much about him…=]

3rd Nov 2007

A s0-s0 stressful day…
I can’t do my sim card because it was not my name but my friends name Paan…
And he still didn’t do that…
Arghh!!! So tension lor…
I also dun know how many times I told him to do so but still don’t have any progress yet..
God, please do something for my sim…
that’s why i`m so eager to have that num..Btw, its my mistake though…
I`ve told to him once, “ weh, ko daftar dlu my nUm using yr details”..
And now what happened??? The numbers belongs to him…
When I going to Get my num???

Nov 8, 2007


7th November…
It is time for da drama… jeng3….
I`ll be a little bear + mak munah + narrator…
And the drama is so terrible….hak5000x
I have to wear a bear`s ear.... so funny….
N I think that is the 1st n ad Last time I act….
Don’t Want daaa…..

my drama team....fitri, hasanah, syikin and ME.......

discussing 'bout our drama....PEACE......

i luv this picture,, syikin me n hasanah....btw, tq to fitri..... ;-]

Aidilfitri Celebration

5th November 2007
Majlis Sambutan Aidilfitri 
Penjara Seremban.

Sangat Awesome, that is the word to describe that night. 
Having a lot of fun although Ernnie tak kenal ramai orang dekat sini. 
My parents together with the people in our apartment were busy preparing satay and nasi impit. Very hardworking sampai terlupa nak ambil Ernnie dekat komuter. Sampai hati. Hehe

Nasib baik Ernnie ada no phone jiran, called her to ask my parent to fetch me. 

Kalau tak, memang confirm Ernnie tidur dekat komuter station tu. 
Papa and kawan-kawan pap tengah prepare untuk malam sambutan.

Papa dan mama tangkap gambar sebelum event start.

Malam tu,  Ernnie kena balik Subang dengan anak jiran.
Thanks Aswad.

Actually, Ernnie memang nak stay kat Seremban. 
Obviously tak nak balik. Sape nak kan?
Bajet nak skip class on Monday.
Tapi ade Math test hari Isnin tu. ( aiyooo MR. Chin).
Wajibull Ghunnah kena balik jugak. 

Sampai dekat Subang (E-tiara) dalam pukul 12:40 pagi. 

Masuk rumah terus kene study Math.

So esoknye buatlah Ernnie Math test tu dalam keadaan tak cukup tidur. 
Berdoa so that Math test Ernnie okay lah kan.



sometimes i feel like have done a mistake lol...

but i had received a very nice message...
fr someone who is very caring about me....

" Bila kau memandang segalanya dari Tuhanmu,
Yang menciptakan segalanya,
Yang menimpakan ujian,
Yang Menjadikan sakit hatimu,
Yang membuatkan keinginanmu terhalang,
dan Yang menyusahkan hidupmu,
Pasti akan damailah hatimu, kerana
Masakan DIA sengaja mentakdirkan segalanya untuk sesuatu yang sia2.
Bukan DIA tidak tahu yang retaknya hatimu,
tapi mungkin itulah yang DIA mahu,
kerna DIA tahu hati yang sebeginilah yang selalunya lebih lunak,
dan mudah untuk dekat dan akrab dengan-NYA....."

isn`t nice...
n makes me realize that ALLAH loves me very much.... ( wanna cry actually)....


                       wif asyu at LT2.. during LAN...
btw, that day is aidilfitri days at taylor....
Ashley a.k.a my floormate at e-tiara...
pic was taken at Genting.

my deskmate. Zaira.
always help me when she knows that I`m having problems.
this pic was taken inside the class.
During break time.

Nov 1, 2007



stay in Taylors make me realize that presentation is so important... is it???

bio- presentation + esei
chem- presentation
phy- not really rr
esl- presentation
lan- presentation + folio
esl- presentation
whut else???
m3?? ( is there any topic that we have present??)

Oct 22, 2007


waa.... i have my own blog lol...
can 'merapu' and 'mengumpat' here lor..
what is that actually...hmmmm
i also dun know maa...
that words just come out when I was in form 1...
maybe Purple+Pink=purplepong... (can rr???)

i dont know what topic i`m going to start...
just get an idea to upload my picture....hahahaha...

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