Dec 16, 2014


This is my dear student ; Aisar. According to his mom, he's getting circumcise this coming Sunday. Don't worry Aisar, you'll feel less pain, InsyaAllah. 

Makan ayam before sunat sebab lepas bersunat kena pantang makan ayam. ^^. This post is to make him less nervous. Hwaiting Aisar!!! You can do it. 

Twins Of Faith 2015 : world of the unseen

Gembira pi majlis ilmu memang rasa dia lain. Lagi-lagi bila Sheikh favorite (Sh. Yahya) ada sekali. Tambah best bila #twinsoffaith kali ni macam reunion. Jumpa pulak kawan-kawan, anak murid, adik junior semua sekali. Pi pulak dengan orang yang paling cuweet cangat :) Subhanallah. 

Berdoa tahun depan dapat pi dua-dua hari. Dok kat office bukan boleh focus buat kerja. Kena habaq kat boss awal-awal next year. T_T

Sedikit perkongsian 

1. Berilmu tanpa amal = ignorant
2. Beramal tanpa ilmu = misguided
3. Bila dengar cerita Abu Dardar, tanya balik diri apa yang kita buat untuk saham kita diakhirat. 
4. Kena berniat lepas ni buat semua benda dengan lebih baik.

Dec 10, 2014

Too sweet to handle

Came back from work, I was surprised to see two envelopes with a hand written address. And Subhanallah, those letters were from Rafiq and Raihanah!!. I'm so happy. Can't stop smiling while reading those. (Fyi, 90% letters for me came from UQ Alumni magazine). 

Then I remembered on my final day at school, Dr. Rozi (their mom) asked me my house add. She said she wanted her children to learn the other way of communication i.e : to write a letter and post it. Kids don't really do that nowadays.

They also put the lyrics of a song entitled 'Animals Love To Hear Quran' and ask me to find the song on the Internet. Thank you Khalifah(s). You guys never failed to make your teacher happy. :)) 

Nov 27, 2014


Banyak perkara yang sangat hebat berlaku dalam hidup Ernnie. Salah satu daripadanya apabila diterima masuk sebagai keluarga Khalifah di Khalifah Model School Primary Ampang. First time dipanggil teacher, perasaan dia sebijik macam kereta Audi atau Aston Martin lalu depan mata! (Some of my friends will know about it). 

I'm being grateful to Allah as I managed to teach ALL classes except for year 6. Again, thanks to Allah although I'm not their subject teachers, I'm quite close with Year 6 (eh, ke perasan sendiri ni?). 

Best lagi pasal KMS? Bila nak cabut gigi panggil teacher,  hidung berdarah techer kene rawat, nak bukak botol air suruh teacher, lampu toilet tak menyala teacher kene temankan, nak pinjam socks teacher, kain telekung teacher, you name it, they did that! (I guess that's norm in primary school right?) 

When I was informed about the new job that I was getting in. My body started to shake. Obviously the first thing that crossed my mind at that time was THE STUDENTS IN KMS. 

Something about student/kids that I noticed. When they annoyed us, it'll last about 2-3 minutes. But when they make us happy, i'll last fir the whole week!! They are special in that way. 

Okay. Need to stop. I would like to say thank you to every single person that's related to KMS. Teachers, Ustaz, Principal, BOD, Cleaners, Admin staffs, pakcik Catering, HR, KYT staffs, parents and students. All of you were somehow a special gifts from Allah in my life. I apologize if I do make mistakes in my staying period there. Stay in contact everyone. 

Ernnie Omar

Nov 16, 2014


Alhamdulillah. Yesterday, KMS held the IHTIFAL event at Institut Latihan Perindustrian, Kuala Lumpur (ILPKL). It was a good event I would say. Everything is smooth. We received many compliments from the parents as well as Directors on how good and great it was. 

Ihtifal means party (am I right?) but in Malaysia case, it is an Graduation and Award Ceremony. That's the day when they received their award for being excellent students in terms of their academic as well as akhlaq. Plus, it's a big day for year 6 to celebrate their Final Year at school. 

We started at 9.02 and end up at 11:45. Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. I got a bit teary when the names of the receipients being called, when they performed and when the video of the year 6 students showed up on the screen. 

Something interesting is that, on the day of rehearsals at school, they can't control themselves, too noisy and stuff. However, on the real IHTIFAL, they managed to pull off such a great behaviour. Everyone is proud of them!! Kudos kids! 

Thanks to everyone. Teachers, Ustazs, Students, Staffs, and Parents for their participation. You know the event is successfull when you finished on time or before that and you heard no complaints from anyone. MashaAllah.

Congratulations to the winners. You deserved it. I'm so proud. To see you shaking and trembled when your name being called is such an enjoyment! ( they knew that they've won something on that day itself. So it's a surprise!!) 

Managed to snap some pictures. Not many. ^^ 

Thank you from us the teachers and ustaz!! 

Eh, banyak la pulak gambar >.<

Oct 29, 2014

'The Kindest teacher'

Last week was a Khalifah Week at our school. As the name reflects, the kids (read : students) were reminded again on the characteristics of being a khalifah of Allah. Various activities were conducted such as talks, 'gotong royong' at the school's area, writing cards, good deeds and etc. 

I'm not at the school on Monday as I were  accompanying students Year 6 to University Kebangsaan Malaya, UKM. On that day, students voted out the teachers that they think have the qualification to become 'The Most Helpful' and 'The Most Kindest' Teacher. 4 teachers were voted. Teacher Intan and Teacher Fadilah were voted as The Most Helpful Teacher. Yeayyyy :) they deserved that of course!. For the Most Kindest Teacher, the award goes to Ustaz Syafiq and Me. 

Muahahaha! Speechless. I'm not that kind, kids. Told some of the teachers about I'm-not-that-kind-u-know. This was the reply : "Kids-do-not-lie-you-know". Okay fine. Last but not least the award for The Most Kindest Teacher voted by the teachers : goes to Teacher Huda Hayati. 

May Allah put some kindness to us. May we kind towards other regardless to human or to animal. :)  

Sep 18, 2014


On one random day. 

I asked my parents let's go to Penang. They said yes and straight away I googled the information.

Be prepared. 

  • Prepared everything in advance guys. You wouldn't be disappointed. When you want to go to certain place that your family doesn't know much of it,  you need to be prepared to prevent the upcoming problems. Alhamdulillah everything went out smoothly. We were having so much fun! 
  • Kudos to The Occasional Traveller for her detailed information of the place. 
We slept at my cousin's house at Air Hitam. It's not like to save budget what not, tapi 'sambil menyelam minum air', dapat visit relatives and got to go to our place of interest kan? :) and mind you, Kelantan and Terengganu are the only states that we don't have our closed relatives. Tempat lain semua ada. So this explained right?

I'm not an art person. Ask me to draw. You'll get disappointed. However I'm considering myself as someone who appreciate artwork. I love to see those old building in Penang. They do have this ecstatic sentimental value. That's why I am so grateful be able to see this kind of art in Malaysia. Will search for some more. Right now, pictures will do the talking. :)

Brief information about #Georgetown-street-art. The place can be categorized into several categories.

  • Ernest Zacharevic artworks : Based on this brochure Marking George Town . There are 7 artworks. We managed to find 5 out of it and 'The Little Boy with Pet Dinosour' remnant which made it 6. I started to know about him when the news about his artworks being removed by the Johor Council almost a year ago. You can just google about the news really. Thank God we went there on weekdays (although it's a school holiday). If not there will be bunch of people queue up to take the picture with his artworks. A bit shy though if you want to have those crazy pose. Kalau time macam ni, boleh jeeee :) 


  •  101 lost kittens Project : We found about 7 out of 12 including the bonus artwork 'The Giant Rat Mural'. The Skippy mural was very HUGE!. The artists were doing this project to create an awareness of the stray cats. It works for me I must say. :) 

  • Marking George Town : These are the 52 welded iron wall caricatures that portrayed the historical street, landmarks and daily lives in Penang. Those caricatures are all over the place in Penang. We managed to find about 8 and quite tired to search for some more. Inside the car, we can see about 5 more. From the popular shoe-designer Jimmy Choo to the Pilgrim history to the history about the famous Nasi Kandar. My wishlist : To find the rest ^^.

  • The rest of the artwork done by local artist. U can find those minion artwork almost everywhere. And since the dinosaur in Ernest's artwork was gone, a local artist had drawn it near the artwork. Kudos to that person. *it's like the kid's dinosaur pet had escaped and move its*


Let's be honest here, do you want to invite Ernest to come over to your house 
and do his artwork there? 
As for me the answer is an obvious YES! :)

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