Mar 7, 2014

Pencil Case

It's not that I don't have pencil case. It's just that plastic kueh is kind of easy for me bring it here and there. 2 days before I received a money from a student asking me to buy a new pencil case. I refused that by saying a teacher cannot receive a money from students. And today, another student gave me this. She said that she got an extra pencil case. ^^ thanks a lot and May Allah bless you :) 

Mar 2, 2014


Alhamdulillah. I'm a teacher in one of the Private Islamic-Integrated School in Ampang. I applied the position as a teacher in the school. When they first called me and told me that this was going to be an english teacher position, I was a bit hesitate since I know myself that I am not that good in english. 

Cut short, I went to the interview, and they told me that they going to give me an answer within a week. After about 2 weeks plus, I haven't heard any news from them. I am quite sure that I wasn't selected to be a teacher there. No worries. Life must go on. 

After about a month, I received a call from Kak Mun, the HR Manager at Khalifah and she told me that I have been appointed as an English Teacher at Khalifah Model School. She called me on Friday 25 January 13' and wanted me to come over on the 27th. 

After short discussion with my family and some of my friends, arranged the place for me to sleep (which was at Quya's house), I went to KL on Sat's night. 

And now here I am, one month later - being an English Teacher at KMS. I teach Year 1 and Year 3. The supports from the staffs, teachers, and students are so amazing I would say. They welcomed me so much. I fall in love with the school and the environment there within a day! 

Try to write something on my blog for quite sometime. Thank you to my dear bestfriend [you-know-who-you-are-stalker^^] for encourage me to write despite claiming that I'm too busy to write something in my blog these days. Yup, excuses, I know ;) 

Pardon my grammar because I admit I am not so good in that. But I will try my best to first to improve myself as now I have a big responsibility as an English teacher (Gulp!) . Plus, I am going to write in Bahasa as well here in my blog since I think I can express better in Bahasa. :) 
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