Aug 27, 2014

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Everyone has two faces
Completely different from each other
One is the face we show to the world
The one is our true face which we try to smother

Usually our outer face is ever smiling
Or beautiful or truly perfect 
Our inner face is dark and angsty
Which from the world we try to protect

It is only to selected people 
We show our inner selves
They are the ones that truly understand us
Their hearts are the one we choose to dwell.


Aug 17, 2014

KMS Aidilfitri Celebration 2014

Aidilfitri Open Class at Khalifah Model School. 

I know some of you were thinking. 

헐, KMS ni asyik buat occasions je.  Belajar ke tak students kat situ? Hurm, jangan tuduh melulu, in this school, we have a lot of stuff. Belajar pun belajar, teach students how to be grateful by set a fundraising projects, have a bit of celebrations like this and many more. 

Quote from my Principle, this is a community school. We do not educate students to be an As students only, but to be an excellent khalifah in this Dunya and Hereafter InsyaAllah. 

So there you go. Last 15 Sept, KMS held an Aidilfitri Open House in each class. By doing that students will learn to entertain the guest that were coming to their 'house'. Since I'm a class teacher for year 4 Jauharah, I received a lot of support from their parents. From the Air Kotak to Dominos Pizza and KFC. MashaAllah. I'm overwhelmed with that. 

4 Jauharah's sister. See how they excited for it? Including their class teacher.
We do have a small assembly. Everyone is having so much fun!!

A picture on the stairs is a must for me and my students.

These were the sisters from Year 6. They are so nice with me although I did not teach them. :)

Love them! Year 3 students.


We did have a blue wave time. Calling everyone who got the similar blue with me. Teacher Intan was included! Yeay

Teacher Fadilah, teacher Ernnie and Teacher Amirah with our dearest Year 3 students.

This picture is so pweety!! love it

Teacher Ernnie have this kind of picture in her handphone. A lot of it!!

Year 6 brothers.

Abang Long kawasan. Zamir :)
Naqib, Mujahid, me and Teacher Mahfudzah. Year 5 brothers. 

Alhamdulillah. It went well. I'm having fun as always. Towards the end, year 6 brothers did an amaizing job my helping the cleaners to mop the whole assembly area. Teacher Ernnie is so proud of you. All of you.

Aug 11, 2014

IBRAH Duit Raya 2014

There's actually a story behind this picture. Basically I'm the one who was responsible in collecting all the money for the Gaza Project in my school. 

Then came Teacher Anizar. 

"Ernnie, ade sorang student, Aliah; instead of giving 10% of her duit raya, she gave all of her duit raya. RM225". 

I'm speechless. O Allah, their hearts are very pure. When we want to donate our money to the needy, we think about many stuff. Instead of 100, (after all the calculation), we might give RM1. But not for her. 

Later I found out her brother who is in Year 4 was doing the same thing. Gave all  of his duit Raya to the Gaza/Palestinians people. 

On the day the donation being sent out to Aqsa Syarif, I cannot contain myself. Tears keep on flowing. I knew myself from that RM21K, there were stories and hopes from everyone who donated. From kind parents to a very pure-heart child. May this collection enable people in Gaza/Palestine to have a tinge of happiness although we know the fact that  the money cannot replace the thing that they have lost. 

Ps: Please make doa for my Khalifah students. May Allah bless them in this life and hereafter. Amin :')

Aug 8, 2014

Fundraising for Palestine collaboration with Aqsa Syarif.

Alhamdulillah. Today marked a special day for us. Started in Ramadhan, KMS launched the Fund Raising project for Palestine with a collaboration with Aqsa Syarif.

A total of twenty one thousand and six cent RM21000.06) plus two thousand rupiah were collected in the past 6 weeks.The collection includes checques, daily donation,iftar and raya donation as well as merchandise sales.

Jazakallahukhairan katheera for those who participated in this project. Special thanks to parents and students for their overwhelmed cooperation through out the project.

KMS family hope that it will benefit everyone who are in need in Palestine/Gaza with this small contribution.

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