Sep 4, 2009

the craziest thing that I've ever done in my life (for the time being)...

It was a blast... that was the only thing that I wanted to say right now ( kinda tired actually)
Now, let me told you my experience with all the ss501 members and triple S fans...

I arrived there at about 12.40 pm (based on my watch). Quite early. At first we lined up at the main gate but because the fans were kept coming, we were told to line up at the car park beneath the hotel. Being a 'good' fans, we just followed the instruction.

At 2.00pm, I went to pray and bought a water for my break-fast and waited there until 6.15 pm. I didn't do much. Just chit chat with people around me. We all were a bit tired at that time.

The chaotic incident started at 5 something, when everyone was like I-wanna-go-infront and I-don't-care-about-people-who-are-coming-early kinda. I'm really annoyed with those people, they just being so UNFAIR!.

6.15pm. Yup that was the time when I'm not really become myself. I felt like my whole body going to explode any second. That was because I saw THEM. Fans keep on shouting like no one cares. Unfortunately, I felt disappointed when the rep. team  said that we can have only one signature and not the whole SS501 members. At that time I was like I NEED TO GET KYUJOONG's signature no matter what. Plus I really wanted him to sign at his solo poster (Ur Man Poster) I got that poster when my sister went to Korea. It's actually UrMan special edition album. I bet not many of us here in Malaysia got that album.

Suddenly, a guy who's incharged pushed me to Jungmin and I shouted inside the hall that I wanted to have Kyujoong's signature. Being selfish, I stood myself in front of KyuJoong and he signed at the cover album.

Brave enough, I opened the half part of that poster and I keep on saying 제발 (Jebal = Please) non stop to him. He was quite shocked to see me being so damn excited because I`m the only one who has that big poster of him.  Shockingly, that annoying person in charged pulled me from KyuJoong's table. He pulled me, but Kyujoong took the other half of the poster and opened it. He basically gave me a the biggest signature on the poster. And that was the best moment in my life.

All signature that have been signed on the cover album was disappeared. You know what? SOME STUPID PERSON GAVE THEM A WHITEBOARD MARKER. You can see on the corner of the hotel, fans were very devastated and some of them cried due to that stupid mistake. Luckily my poster was safe although the same whiteboard marker was used.


Since their trip was a short trip to Malaysia, they went back to Korea on the same day. I went to the KLIA as well to bid them farewell. I managed to see them departed, managed to wave to them. managed to see they waved back at us, managed to snap some pictures and lastly managed to give a present to all of them. I bought 5 pencils that have something tanggle on top of the pencil. They are very cute. Actually one of the female korean staff helped me to put in one of their personal bags. (A bag not in that box where all those present are placed) 감사합니다 언니!

Lastly, I really need to thank my friends which are, Ayu, Mazni, Ikin. They help me doing something in college.  And to Kak Sya; without you,  I won't be able to see them in front of my eyes at KLIA..


Hyun Joong : He's truly a 4th dimensional guy. But I do think that his ego is in a higher level :)

Young Saeng : He's cute. Super cute but very shy and I don't look at him that much and yet his dimples can kill many people though...hahaha

Hyung Joon :  The most handsome guy that I've ever seen. He's so polite as well. I think that was because he is the junior (maknae) in the group.

 Jungmin : The most cheerful guy. Never saw him in a stiff mood. Always smile to others. But I'm sorry Jung Min, at first, I should take your sign but I refused.. hahaha

Kyu Joong : Do I have to describe about this guy as well?  If I stared at him for another 10 sec, surely I will faint..the degree of his manliness is infinity (hahaha,, I`m being biased)
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