Jul 19, 2009

My Holiday..

My holiday was full
Alhamdulillah, on the 3rd to 5th of July I went to Langkawi with mama and her PUSPANITA friends.
It was quite a plain holiday since mama is doing her shopping which was related to her interest, of course. 
I bought only chocolate.
I went to Hana's house at Langkawi. Managed to meet only her mom.
thanks Auntie and Hana too :)

And on the 7th of July, Nadiah,
my former classmate called me and offered me a job.
I'm so thankful since I do not have money. Thanks Nadiah.

So, on 8-13th July, I'm working in Wedding Work Promotion in Kraf Centre.
It was pretty awesome because I met new people,
and gained new experience. .
and sorry cant sent you to India.
I hope U can be a great Dentist ( of course you will )
Me and Nadiah

after that I continued on my driving class (I`m very suck at it until now)..
and now I don't have anything...I mean nothing to do...
 maybe watching some Japanese Drama will do me good :)
I`ve just realize that they are soo hot...( btw I`m watching Hana Kimi )

Ps: Super Junior just held their 1st Super Show 2nd in korea..
as usual, can't watch the Fancam because I would be so jealous.. Thus no risk taken.
2pm will come to Malaysia this August
and ss501 will come this Dec...
hopefully they Really2x come here...
sick and tired waiting for them to come to Malaysia.

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